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Name:Mass Effect Directory/Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A directory and dressing room/musebox for Mass Effect
This is an open community for Mass Effect roleplayers on Dreamwidth.


1) Don't be a jerk. If you don't like someone's interpretation of a character, politely crit them if they have an HMD, or just don't play with them. It's that simple.

2) Don't carry over resentment for the games/characters. Most of us know what a hive of villainy and scum the BioWare forums are, and tumblr breaks out into fights over the weirdest things. Keep any hate to those places, please. If you don't like the character that just posted? Don't reply. Scroll. The Shep that just hit up Bakerstreet chose to do the thing that you did not choose? Scroll.

3) Keep things in the right places. This isn't actually a rule so much as a "please, so I can keep this organized for people" request.

4) When making your tag (for musebox purposes) please stick to the format of "character name: username." That is, a Mordin with the username of he_sells_seashells would be "Mordin Solus: he sells seashells" and that way we can keep things trackable and straight. Please do not make other tags.


Those being said, welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to throw up musebox-style posts (with the tag of 'ic' as well as the tag of your character) or hit up any of the provided posts listed below.

Meme postings - replied to a meme? Post a link here with character and optionally add in what you're looking/hoping for.
Game directory - looking for a cast? In theory this should wind up saying which games have Mass Effect casts and who. I'll be trying to keep it up to date, but any assistance will be welcome.
PSL searching - Want to play something in particular? Post here, or just browse and see what catches your fancy!
Roll Call - Organized by character. Find that rare castmate for a thread or just see who is running around the place.
Mod contact post - Has something gone awry? Did my coding break? Did war break out between camps? Let me know here and I will get right to it.
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